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Packing Tips For Assisted Living In Vista

Whether you are moving to assisted living in Vista or some other city throughout San Diego County or Orange County, preparing for this big move can be a daunting task. Sometimes it’s helpful to write down what you should pack for this move and this gives you a better idea of what items you can give away, donate or sell.

Before you start packing up items to take to assisted living in Vista, consider the size of the new apartment as well as whatever furnishings already are provided for you. Be sure to take measurements of the space so that you can determine what will fit. Often at an assisted living community, a bedroom set might be provided. This would include a bed (usually a full or twin-size bed) with a mattress and box springs. A nightstand and lamp also might be included, as well as bedding and pillows. You will want to be sure to pack an alarm clock, as these typically are not provided.

Of course, you might wish to bring a bed from home, and rarely is it a problem to do so. The staff simply removes the facility furnishings out of your room so that you can put in your own items. Often, this can be a great option and make the apartment feel much more like home. Just be sure that the furnishings will fit into your apartment easily leaving you ample room for moving around.

In addition, you might have room for a favorite chair or perhaps a loveseat and small coffee table. Many facilities for assisted living in Vista include apartments with kitchenettes that include a small refrigerator and a microwave. If these items are not provided, consider bringing your own fridge and microwave. A coffee pot or electric kettle also can be a good idea. You might also need to bring dishes, cutlery, utensils, food storage containers and other kitchen items, but you won't need many as the facility will provide full meal service.

When it comes to clothing, consider bringing mostly casual clothes, but special events and parties are planned throughout the year at most assisted living facilities. You might bring one or two dressy outfits or perhaps ask a loved one to keep a selection of fancier clothes at their house in case you need it for a party. This can leave more room for day-to-day wear. You’ll also need pajamas, house slippers, a sweatsuit or two and a few pairs of walking shoes. Your closet also can be fitted up with organizational aids to maximize space so consider installing shelves or racks to make storage easier. Some items also can be stored in bins under your bed.

You will need to bring toiletries, such as toothpaste, shampoo and other personal items. Bath towels and other bathroom items also should come along, as well as any prescription medication or over-the-counter medication that you need. You also might bring some cleaning wipes or cleaning spray and paper towels in case you need to clean up a small spill. Weekly housekeeping usually is included, but it’s nice to be able to do your own cleaning, if needed.

While it’s always a good idea to bring decorative items to your new apartment for assisted living in Vista, be sure not to pack too many items. Family pictures or a favorite painting or two can decorate a wall and this won’t take up space, so those are always good options. A favorite quilt or comforter and a few decorative pillows can bring a bit of home to your new apartment as well. A plant or two, either real or artificial, also can be a nice touch.

At a home for assisted living in Vista, San Diego, Escondido or another city, there will be a variety of interesting daily and weekly activities. While you might find yourself busy just about every hour of the day, it’s a good idea to bring a few entertainment items of your own from home.

This might include a small CD player or stereo with a dock for an MP3 player. A television is a good idea, and a flat screen TV might be mounted to the wall in order to save space. Usually a certain amount of cable or satellite channels are included in your monthly fees. A DVD player can be a good idea, and these days, most new DVD players are Wi-Fi capable allowing you to access movie streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. This allows you to enjoy many movies without having to store DVD boxes. You also could place your favorite DVDs into a binder without the cases to save space.

A tablet or personal computer also is a great idea. With a tablet you can also read books and play games, as well as surf the web, shop online or email friends and family. A laptop is a good choice for assisted living in Vista because you can bring it anywhere in your apartment or anywhere in the community. You can also store family photographs on a laptop or a tablet.

In general, you don’t need much more than the aforementioned items as well as a cell phone or telephone. The rest of your items can be sold or perhaps given away to special friends or family members. If you aren’t ready to part with some of your possessions or perhaps are unsure as to whether or not you might need an item or two, consider placing some of your belongings into a storage unit. It’s hard to part with your belongings, so keeping them in storage for a time might make it easier to transition into assisted living.