Options For Assisted Living In San Diego

As people age, they often need daily help and eldercare is often something that many families need. If you are searching for eldercare or assisted living in San Diego, you might be a little confused, if not overwhelmed, by the myriad of options out there. It is, therefore, crucial to learn the differences and similarities Read More

Board And Care In Newport Beach: Is It Your Best Option?

Board and care homes in Newport Beach are eldercare facilities that usually provide the elderly with similar services that you usually find at larger assisted living communities. The difference, however, is that board and care homes are “standard” houses that are designed, staffed and equipped to offer care for a small number of residents. As Read More

What To Expect From Board And Care In Tustin

Are you contemplating board and care in Tustin for your senior loved one? Indeed, having professional caregivers take care of an aging loved one makes it easier for everyone. You are assured that your loved one will receive attention which you may not be in a position to give due to daily obligations.  Board and Read More

Board & Care in Fullerton: Is It Your Best Option?

If you are considering the board and care option for a loved one, you may have many questions. One of your biggest concerns might be whether or not board and care in Fullerton is the better choice compared to a larger assisted living community?  The term “board and care home” is commonly used in California Read More

Board & Care in Irvine: Your Memory Care Options

Are you looking for board and care in Irvine for a loved one with dementia? Getting an assisted living facility that can adequately care for seniors with dementia is tricky. Many facilities give one-service-fits-all kind of care which may not keep your loved one in the best physical and emotional state. You must consider that Read More

4 Mistakes People Make When Searching For Board And Care

When looking for board and care in, you could overlook some issues that may lead to paying higher than you budgeted or having inadequate care for your loved one. Board and care homes can be an option that provides a person with all of the care that they need.  Choosing the right board and care Read More

Assisted Living In San Clemente Vs. Board & Care In San Clemente

When a loved one is struggling with independent living, it can be a good idea to consider searching for an in-home caregiver. Finding a facility for assisted living in San Clemente or board and care in San Clemente also are other options to consider. If you are not sure what all these terms mean, we Read More

Understanding The Jargon Of Assisted Living

Every business seems to have its own jargon and eldercare is no exception. If you have never had any experience with assisted living or eldercare, it can be a bit mystifying when people begin mentioning ADLs and SNFs, your head can begin to swim. If you are considering assisted living in Solana Beach or San Read More

Board And Care Escondido: Adjusting To The Changes

There are millions of Americans living in board and care homes or assisted living homes. For all of them, it was a big transition – moving from their home into a small apartment or small room. Making these big changes can be easier for some people than others, and if you are thinking about moving Read More

Comparing The Costs Of Board And Care In Del Mar Vs. Living At Home

A recent cost survey by insurance company Genworth Financial indicated that the median monthly rates for a one-bedroom assisted living or board and care apartment in California will run about $3,750 per month. Certainly, this seems like a great expense, but it can be manageable. It can help to compare the costs of living at Read More